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Rally Pan-Am


Team Rally Pan-Am has been at the forefront of American effort, and North American Rally for the last two decades; assisting and supporting riders like Casey McCoy, Scott Bright, Jonah Street, Ian Blythe, and many more with not only their Dakar efforts, but at Rally events spanning the globe. Whether at the Sonora Rally in Mexico, or half-way around the world at the Merzouga Rally our team offers the same depth of knowledge, boundless enthusiasm, and professional level support to get our riders to the finish line.


We offer full support packages, and mechanical support packages to riders seeking to compete in FIM/FIA Rally events. These packages are top-flight and include everything a rider will need to be successful throughout the grueling difficulty of these off-road events. Our Team of mechanics and coordinators ensure that bike preparation, food, and other logistics are entirely handled - ensuring our riders not only have the experience of a lifetime, but are provided with their best opportunity to achieve their goals.


Navigation training is key to success at any Rally event; partnering with companies like RallyNav, and ICO to provide the best equipment and training on how to use this technology is one of our goals here at Rally Pan-Am. We offer Rally Schools in the Pacific Northwest, deserts of Pahrump, Nevada, and the Sierras of California.